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Commercial and Business Owner’s Insurance

A multi-pronged approach to protecting your business from the unknown is what Wheat State Insurance Group offers you. We have a suite of commercial insurance products that help you protect your business from the unimaginable.

Operating a business requires you to maintain some essential insurance, but beyond that, you choose what coverage options are best for your business. Many businesses stop at the basics, leaving their business exposed, but you don't have to risk your business. We offer up-to-date, competitive insurance products for your business, including the following:

Commercial Auto Insurance.

Regardless of the employee driving your vehicle, you need protection against both at-fault accidents and accidents caused by other drivers.

General Liability Insurance.

Many businesses face lawsuits that threaten continual operations. Let us help you protect your business with our general liability insurance.

Property Insurance.

Weather-related, Fire, and Theft/Vandalism damage can bring business operations to a halt. With the right insurance in place, you may not have to use your profits to restore your business.

Workers Compensation Insurance.

Workers compensations insurance is required by law for most businesses. It helps protect you and your employees. We can offer you tailor-made workers compensation insurance options that fit your budget.

Life Insurance.

With every business, there are key persons who are crucial to operations. What would happen if one of your key people could no longer perform? Our insurance representatives can provide you a strategic solution using life insurance.

Additional Insurance Products.

We offer a host of additional commercial insurance products, beyond the basics. We want to help you protect your business.

We know that you are busy growing your business, so we offer multiple ways for you to get more information about our services. You can send us a message by filling out the request a quote form above, you can give our office a call (877) 226-8072, or visit us at one of our locations. Either way, we’d love to hear from you and help you find commercial insurance.

We would love to be your business partner, helping you protect your business from the unknown. Give us a call today to learn how your business wins with us.