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Business Owner’s Insurance

Business Owners Insurance Policy

Most of the BOP policies on the market combine property and business liability coverage. Our business owner’s insurance policy provides several other invaluable options in one convenient package. These include:

  • Business Property Coverage:
    This protects your premises, equipment, and inventory.
  • General Liability:
    This coverage protects your business against any claims made against it by another business or an individual. It also covers claim made against one of your employees.
  • Data Breach Coverage:
    This helps you to cover the costs of a data breach in your company. It helps you to restore your services as quickly as possible, thus winning your customers’ trust.
  • Professional Liability Coverage:
    This protects your business against a claim made by a client based on the wrong professional judgment, error or omission, or any other loss caused by your advice or services.
  • Loss of Business Income:
    This is a crucial part of our BOP policy, as it protects you in the case of an unexpected event that leads to the suspension of business operations. The cause of the closure must be a covered loss under the policy.

We understand that every small business is unique and you might need additional coverage for your enterprise. This is one reason we have developed customized policies, which either provide additional coverage or offer less depending on your unique situation. For instance, if you are a consultant without any employees, it would be better to consider professional liability coverage in your BOP policy as opposed to workers compensation. Our agents are highly experienced in business owners insurance and can give you advice based on this expertise.

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