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Conway Springs, KS

Wheat State Insurance Group (Conway Springs)

202 W. Spring Ave Suite A, Conway Springs, KS 67031

Ph: 620-456-2205

Fax: 888-620-8142

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Welcome to Conway Springs

Welcome to derby Conway Springs, Kansas is a small family-oriented community with a population just shy of 1,300. However, this small town has many wonderful things to offer! While you are here you need to see our park and check out the Spring House. The Spring House is what really put Conway Springs, KS on the map. It wasn’t long after Conway Springs was founded in 1884 that people heard about the natural spring water. Conway Springs is the home of Pure Spring Water. By, 1909 people all over the United States were coming to see, taste and even bathe in the natural spring. It’s even rumored that this spring was the first bottled water in the states. So, while Conway Springs maybe a small town there is quick access to big city accommodations, being only 20 minutes South of Wichita.

Conway Springs actual spring There are also couple people to make note of that where born or lived in Conway Springs, Lloyd Bishop and Harvey Nininger.

Lloyd Bishop was a professional baseball player. Bishop was born in Conway Springs on April 25th, 1890 and passed away June 18th, 1968. Bishop studied at Wichita State University and then signed with the Cleveland Naps in 1914. The Cleveland Naps is what is now known as the Cleveland Indians.

Harvey Nininger was an American Meteoriticist. Nininger was a self-taught scientist and his fascination with meteorites is what put him on the map. Nininger still holds the record today for the largest personal collection of meteorites. He also founded the American Meteorite Museum, located in Meteor Crater, AZ. Some of his collection can still be seen today at the Arizona State University Center for Meteorite Studies. Nininger passed on March 1st, 1986.