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Derby, KS

Wheat State Insurance Group (Derby)

228 N. Baltimore Ave., Derby, KS 67037

Toll Free: 877-226-8072

Ph: 316-776-0777

Fax: 888-620-8142

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Welcome to Derby

Welcome to derby Many people do not know that Derby, Kansas was originally called El Paso, Kansas. El Paso was founded by Hart Minnich and John Hufbauer in 1871. By 1880, the railroad had pushed farther south, and the mail for El Paso, Kansas and El Paso, Texas was constantly mixed up. To help ease the problem, El Paso was renamed Derby after one of the railroad officials, C. F. Derby. Although citizens began to call the town Derby, it was incorporated in 1903 using the name El Paso. In 1956, the town was officially changed from El Paso to Derby.

Derby is located in southwest Sedgwick County and has a current population of over 23,000 and growing. Reasons to visit or live in Derby includes over 366 acres of parkland in 32 locations, more than 532 businesses ranging from major retailers and locally owned shops and restaurants, medical facilities, aquatic park, skate park, disc golf, fitness center, 3 golf courses in or close to Derby, and activities throughout the year for all ages.

Welcome to derby There are a few people you might recognize that are from Derby. Football players Billy Campfield, Jason Gamble, and Nick Reid graduated from DHS. Campfield played for the Philadelphia Eagles and New York Giants. Gamble played offensive/defensive lineman and was associated with NFL and AFL teams. Reid was a top quarterback for the Panthers and went on to play for the University of Kansas and the Kansas City Chiefs.

Caitlynn French was raised in Derby and while in high school was in musicals and stage plays. French is an American Voice Actress known for her work on English adaptations of Japanese anime shows.

Derby water tower David Rickels wrestled while attending Derby High School. Rickels made his professional mixed martial arts debut in February, 2010.

Darryl Starbird, custom car designer, lived and had a business in the Derby area for many years before relocating to Oklahoma.