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Farm and Ranch Insurance

Farm and ranch insurance protects you, your home and your agricultural or livestock operation. It is a combination of a standard homeowners policy and a commercial insurance policy, since farmers and ranchers often live and work on their property. A loss in that circumstance can be more than personally devastating, it can be financially crippling as well.

The first step in determining whether you need farm or ranch insurance is knowing if you live on one. A standard homeowners insurance policy might not give you adequate coverage if you do. To help you decide if you need a farm or ranch policy, we’ve broken down some determining factors. If you answer “yes” to any of the questions below then you likely need a farm insurance policy. Additional structures: Are there additional structures on your property, other than a pool or a garage? If so, you might need a farm insurance policy. Typically, additional structures that would be covered by a farm policy include barns, sheds, stables and other buildings. If you are using a small building, such as a garage or greenhouse, to grow crops or plants for sale then you should consider a farm insurance policy. However, if the revenue from the commercial activity does not surpass the incidental income limit of your homeowners insurance policy, you do not need a farm or commercial insurance policy. Types of animals: Have something larger than a dog or cat? Many people have pets or animals but what types you have, and especially what you do with them, helps determine if you need a farm insurance policy. For example, even stabling a few horses for someone can create a business exposure to the policyholder - a situation that might call for farm insurance.

From small family farms to medium-sized growers and ranches, we can help you secure the coverage to help meet your unique needs.

Farm and ranch policies can include coverage for:

  • Farm homes. Replacement cost coverage of up to 125%.
  • Other farm structures. Offers protection for barns, silos, pens and even fences.
  • Machinery and equipment. Includes borrowed, rented or leased farm machinery.
  • Livestock. Reduces financial loss if animals are stolen or lost due to a collision.

At Wheat State Insurance Group, we will make sure that the policy you choose is the most affordable and provides the protections you need. We have three ways you can get in touch with our home insurance agents. You can send them a message by filling out one of our forms click here, you can give our office a call (877) 226-8072, or visit us at 228 N. Baltimore Ave., Derby, KS 67037. Either way, we’d love to hear from you and help you find home insurance.