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Home Insurance

Choosing the best homeowners insurance policy for you depends on many factors, and there really is no one-size-fits-all plan where home insurance policies are concerned. Comparing costs and coverage from multiple insurers can be a very daunting task, especially if you are comparing plans online. Rather than spending a day entering your personal information into multiple websites in search of the best home insurance rates, let us do the shopping for you. We will talk to you about what different insurance companies offer. This includes coverage to protect your home against, wind/hail, fire, smoke, water, theft, and so much more. You can even have liability protection in the event that someone visits your home and becomes injured. All of these things can be discussed with an agent, so that you know more about them and know about the ways to protect your home in the event that something does happen.

Your Homeowners policy will combine these coverages:

Dwelling - Protects your house, attached and detached garage and storage sheds from fire, hail, windstorm, vandalism.

Contents - Protects furniture, clothing, and other personal belongings.

Additional Living Expenses - Pays for extra expenses you have for lodging, food, and other items if disaster forces you from your home.

Liability - Protects you when you or one of your family unintentionally injures someone or damages their property.

Medical Payment - Pays the bills for others injured while on your property.

Renters Insurance - Your Renters policy insures household contents and personal belongings the same as a homeowners policy, but excludes dwelling coverage.


At Wheat State Insurance Group, we will make sure that the policy you choose is the most affordable and provides the protections you need. All of our agents are independent insurance agents can compare multiple policies for you.

We have three ways you can get in touch with our home insurance agents. You can send them a message by filling out one of our forms click here, you can give our office a call (877) 226-8072, or visit us at 228 N. Baltimore Ave., Derby, KS 67037. Either way, we’d love to hear from you and help you find home insurance.