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Welcome to Wheat State Insurance Group

Wheat State Insurance Group is an Independent Agent that offers choice, a high level of service and is local to your community. But what does that really mean? Can't other agents say the same thing about their business? Here is how we are different:

  • Choice: As an independent agent, we offer a choice of multiple insurance carriers, coverages, price and more. Our main focus is to find the insurance coverage that best suits your unique needs and gives you the best options. We know you have a choice when selecting a local independent agent. We want to continue to show how we earn your trust through our regular communication, personal relationships, and Referral Program. We want you be a part of our agency and join us in having some fun!
  • Provide High Level of Service: To us, service means you will know who our staff members are - and not just the usual run of the mill insurance stuff. You will know about them as people and we want to know the same about you. When you call us, we want to you to be familiar with our team. We will also be available in the event of a claim. Being an independent agent means we work for you, not the insurance companies. We will be there to make sure your interests are protected and not forgotten.
  • Local: When most people say they are local, they mean they have an office in your community. While that is true of us, when we say we are local we mean we are a part of your community. We are involved with St. Jude Children's Hospital, LAPP, Big Brothers and Big Sisters, and The National Multiple Sclerosis Society charities and organizations that benefit where we live. We believe that if we put our time and money where it matters the most, we all will benefit.

How Wheat State Insurance Group was started, was when three exclusive agents (Kennton Hoffman-Founder, Jessica Smith-Agent, and Mark Atkinson-Agent) realized they were doing a disservice to their clients by working for a single corporate carrier and not working for the client. Thus, limiting a client's choice in lines, carriers and products. When we started the agency, we started with 5 things in mind:

Work for the client's interest
Provide the best level of service
Have fun along the way

Sounds simple, but with the way the world has changed, we don't always get to do business with every client face to face in this new age of technology. So, we do some things differently, like communicate through newsletters, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more. Often we set up and/or attend events where we hope see many of you, such as local art and car shows, and many other community events. If you're in the area stop by and say hi, or see where we will be on Facebook and come hang-out and have some fun with us!!!